March 2020 In News

March 2020 In News

What was this month anyway? The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing AND a 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit the north of my country. Therefore, I concluded that there are only two important news to highlight from March 2020.

1. Famous brands canceling their orders causing over 1 million garment workers to lose their jobs

Brands (mostly high street) from all over the world have canceled their orders from suppliers in Bangladesh due to coronavirus pandemic. Why is this a problem? The brands don’t pay their orders upfront, they do it after they receive them and since they haven’t received any this month they haven’t paid for them either. Consequently, more than a million garment workers have already lost their jobs.

Among those brand are Primark (canceling an order worth $273 million), C&A ($166 million), Inditex ($109 million), Tesco ($50 million), LPP ($37 million), Target ($24 million), J.C. Penney ($23 million) and many more. Read more on The Guardian and Ecotextile.

2. This meme

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash.

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