February 2020 In News

February 2020 In News

Hi folks, February was a rollercoaster, March is an even bigger one. Let’s go through the news that caught my eye.

Fire In An Indian Factory Nandan Denim Kills 7 Workers

Seven people died in a fire in an Indian Factory Nandan Denim, one of the largest denim suppliers in the world. The company reportedly supplies denim to Target, Mango and Wrangler among others. However, it seems it wasn’t safe for its workers. A senior fire official who was at the scene said that the factory had only one door accessible only by climbing a steep ladder. Read more on VOA News.

Nitrogen Dioxide Levels Go Down Over China Due To COVID-19 Quarantine

NASA has released satellite images of China that show a dramatic decrease in pollution levels. Their scientist reported lower levels of nitrogen dioxide, a gas emitted mostly by motor vehicles and industrial facilities. “The space agency noted that the decline in air pollution levels coincided with restriction imposed on transportation and business activities, and as millions of people went into quarantine.” China’s Wuhan was until recently the epicentre of COVID-19. However, the biggest struggle is now going on in Europe. Read more on BBC.

Gabriela Hearts Gives Garments Digital Identity

One of the hardest things for big brands in the fashion industry is keeping every bit of their supply chain completely transparent. (If they want to show it in the first place.) That’s why Gabriela Hearst teamed up with “software platform Eon that will assign digital identities to the pieces in the collection. When customers activate the QR codes on the labels of Hearst’s SS20 collection, they gain access to information about the garments, including the materials used, country of origin, production process, carbon footprint and the narrative behind the design.” Read more on Vogue Business.

Miret Starts Pre-Campaigning For New Generation Of Sustainable Sneakers

Miret is a Croatian brand of sustainable sneakers that is just getting ready to launch the second generation of their sneakers. There are two things to know about them. Firstly, the new generation sneakers are 97 percent natural. Secondly, they’re made from hemp, kenaf, flax, cork, wood, corn, jute, eucalyptus, natural rubber and natural wool from New Zealand. They launch on March 3rd on Kickstarter. Read more on Super1.

The UN Calls The Fashion Industry To Action

The night before the first day of New York Fashion Week, UN and Arcadia Earth hosted an Art exhibition. They used it as a platform to call the representatives of the fashion industry to take action. As a result, they expect them to help them achieve 17 sustainability goals they set in 2015. They talked about women’s rights, modern day slavery and water pollution, among other things. Read more on Vogue Business.

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash.

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